Digital Lunch @ HDSM

How are digital technologies changing how the Humanities and the Heritage sectors can conduct research, teach, engage in knowledge exchange and have societal impact? Are you interested in exploring and critiquing answers to this question? Then join us at the Digital Lunch of Humanities Data Science and Methodology (HDSM), TU Darmstadt! Once a month during term time, the Digital Lunch will offer participants an informal platform for knowledge exchange and networking. Through discussion, presentations and hands-on activities, the digital lunch offers a forum to explore new and ongoing research projects, digital methods, tools and platforms, debates and grand challenges in the Digital Humanities and more!

The next Digital Lunch will take place on 6 November 2023 at 12:00-13.00. We are excited to host Dario Kampkaspar, Center of Digital Editions. Dario will deliver an engaging talk on the use of the supercomputer Lichtenberg II in the field of the Humanities. The official confirmation of ‘Lichtenberg II’ by TU Darmstadt marks a significant milestone, enabling computational tasks that were previously impossible on conventional computers.

In the lightning talk, Dario Kampkaspar will provide a brief overview of the existing initiatives at the Center for Digital Editions, showcasing how they enrich research and publication activities. The expert will also highlight recent developments, offering insights into upcoming plans and collaborations.

Our upcoming event will be held in person! If you would like to join us, please follow the registration instructions on Eventbrite

Exciting details about the following events will soon be unveiled on our website, so stay tuned for further updates!

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