“Building Common Ownership and Shared Archival Practices” an open talk by Rosemary Grennan

HDSM team is pleased to announce that on 25th June Rosemary Grennan (Sloane Lab Community Fellow) will give an open lecture titled “Building Common Ownership and Shared Archival Practices”. This event will accommodate an online format [16:30 CEST]. If you want to secure your spot please follow the instructions on the Eventbrite page.

Rosemary Grennan is the Co-Director of MayDay Rooms – an archive dedicated to the history of social struggles, resistance campaigns and experimental culture. She is also the co-founder of AGIT, a residency space in Berlin focusing on social movement history and culture. As a Research Fellow at the University of Birmingham on the ‘CLiC Dickens’ project, she conducts corpus linguistics research to advance scholarly understanding, enrich pedagogical methods, and foster creative exploration of the long nineteenth century.

The abstract of the talk on 25th June is as follows:

My fellowship aims to redefine the concept of shared ownership ‘national collection(s)’ by integrating them with community collections to explore often contested histories. With a focus on community-led archiving, the project develops digital tools and workflows based on peer-to-peer protocols to democratise access and management of collections, encouraging a decentralised approach to cataloguing and record annotation. This talk will summarise the progress of the project so far, as well as some of the thinking behind the work, by outlining historically other archives and projects that have dealt with the idea of a “collection of collections.”

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