14th May: “Leveraging XR for the Promotion of Art and Cultural Heritage” an open talk by Dr. Stella Sylaiou

Dr. Stella Sylaiou
Image courtesy of Dr. Sylaious’ website https://www.sylaiou.com/

On 14th May the next talk in the online series co-hosted by HDSM and UCL the Sloane Lab will be on Leveraging XR for the Promotion of Art and Cultural Heritage and provided by Dr. Stella Sylaiou (International Hellenic University).

Dr. Stella Sylaiou is an Assistant Professor at the Department of Surveying Engineering and Geoinformatics of the International Hellenic University. She is an experienced researcher in the field of experimental museology and digital heritage, with an emphasis on virtual museums. Dr. Stella Sylaiou is an expert in designing, applying, and evaluating digital solutions for cultural environments, working at the forefront of virtual experiences since 2003.

The presentation on 14th May will be dedicated to the topic of usage digital tools in the sphere of art and cultural heritage. The abstract of the talk is as follows:

This presentation describes the use of digital tools in the development of platforms for the promotion of arts and culture, with emphasis on the framework used for categorizing and contextualising artworks/artefacts. The presentation draws on the CREAMS project, which employs XR as a fulcrum for enhancing more meaningful engagement with contemporary art virtual exhibitions through curatorial innovations as well as the inclusion of multimodal contextual material. Frameworks for creating a nexus of resources that add context to exhibited art are developed, with respective data classification approaches. Moreover, we will discuss the inclusion of artefacts’ aspects related to intangible heritage, such as pertinent narratives, histories and functions.

This event is designed to accommodate online format using Zoom platform. In order to secure your spot please follow the instructions on the Eventbrite page.

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