Daily Routine of the HDSM Lecturers and Students

As part of the course “3D Modelling of Cultural Heritage: introduction to fundamental methods of spatial reconstruction” HDSM students, along with our colleague Dr. Nadezhda Povroznik, are investigating the opportunities and peculiarities of photogrammetry to create digital spatial models.

“Close range Photogrammetry is a measurement technology that can be used for t he extraction of 3D points from the images; further these points are useful for the accurate 3D-modeling and visualization. Digital Photogrammetry derives all the appropriate measurements from the images itself rather than measurements directly from the objects”.
Shashi, Mesapam, and Kamal Jain (2007) ‘Use of Photogrammetry in 3D-Modeling and Visualization of Buildings’. In: ARPN Journal of Engineering and Applied Sciences. Vol. 2(2)

This technology plays a crucial role in the preservation and reconstruction of cultural heritage. As a practical component of the course, students visit historical sites of Darmstadt and utilise their mobile cameras to capture photos of cultural objects, which subsequently leads to the creation of 3D models of these objects. Such activities provide an engaging and fulfilling opportunity for students to gain experience in the process of capturing 3D data and creating 3D reconstructions.

the photo by Nadezhda Povroznik

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